Design, printing, branding
J Point has high-quality technology and offers a wide range of services, at the heart of which is Large format printing on a variety of media – rigid boards such as plexiglass, flange, corrugated, PVC, polycarbonate, polypropylene, glass, also on textiles, foil, vinyl and other roll media.

Apart from printing large format promotional products, our other services include design and pre-press, sewing and finishing, installation and dismantling, etc.
Embossed print with "Touch Stone" effect
Create a relief-like 3D print that is formed by overlaying up to 50 additional layers of ink on the image. The name of this innovative print is "Touch Stone".
This innovation in large format printing is the work of the manufacturer CANON, and the machine that implements it is the Canon Arizona 2360 GTF.
Embossed print with "Touchstone" effect by J-point
Design and preprint service from J-point
Design and prepress for wide format
We offer services related to vectorization of images, production of logos, banners and individual designs with different applications – for billboards, banners, roll-banners, vehicle branding, window and wall film, human and other figures from panels in real size, non-standard pallet branding, flags, textile walls in different sizes, as well as for other large-format advertising products at the request of the customer. In addition to prepress preparation, we offer previewing before printing.
Finishing works
Each manufactured product goes through finishing operations, such as contour cutting, gluing, laminating and sewing to reach the customer in its finished form. These activities are a mandatory stage in the preparation of the printed product before it is released as a finished product.
Finishing work by J-point
Solvent and eco-solvent seal from J-point
Solvent and eco-solvent printing
This is the most common printing technology for materials suitable for outdoor advertising. Solvent inks have 100% weather resistance.
Latex printing
Latex inks are water-based, making the technology ideal for interior applications, including wallpaper and textile printing. The six-colour latex printer delivers photorealistic quality, high print speed, improved print stability.
Latex print by J-point
Lamination by J-point
For outdoor advertising, we offer lamination of printed products in order to preserve the imprint of the image on them for a long time. We use different types of lamination according to the needs and application.
Tailoring activities

We perform a variety of sewing operations to complete the products, including:

  1. 1. Sewing – standard and reinforced
  2. 2. Overlock
  3. 3. Sewing the shirit
  4. 4. Velcro tape sewing


We also install the necessary eyelets and snaps, which facilitates the installation of printed products for outdoor advertising – fenders, banners and vinyls, etc.

Sewing activities from J-point
Принт върху текстил
Print on textile
Printing on textiles offers a variety of options for creating custom solutions for interiors and exteriors. The printing technology used guarantees vivid colours, detail and durability of the image, including for flags, bean bags, textile walls, panels and other promotional materials.
Printing on SAFETY GLASS
The biggest advantage of this glass printing technology is the durability of the print, as several layers protect the image from scratches and temperature effects. The print is very resistant in with long lasting colours. Products made with SAFETY GLASS technology are suitable for interior and exterior applications.
Print on SAFETY GLASS by J-point
Printing on glass
Direct printing on glass suitable for interior applications. With the technology, we optionally place an additional primer that fixes the ink and offers higher colour fastness.
Printing on panels
Flat surface printing technology offers a wide range of applications for printing on corrugated board, plexiglass, PVC boards, foam board, etalbond, polystyrene, polycarbonate, veralite, glass.
Printing on J-point boards
UV roll printing by J-point
UV roll printing
This technology is suitable for printing on backlit, self-adhesive films, vinyl, paper. The technology is executed with UV inks for vibrant colors, providing a quality product ideal for flexible and self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive materials.
Contour cutting and formatting
We offer precise formatting, creasing and cutting of various materials including corrugated board, PVC, and other rigid, soft and flexible surfaces. The system is equipped with a variety of cutters and knives, ideal for making POS materials, shelving, dimensional signage and signs.
Contour cutting and formatting by J-point
Installation and dismantling
We offer a full range of services including installation and dismantling of ready-made advertising materials. We perform high-rise installations, complete branding of commercial/office objects, branding of windows, branding of vehicles, hanging of signs and advertising panels.

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