Experts in digital printing

20+ successful years in the production of innovative printed products and advertising solutions

About J Point

J Point is  a wide-format printing company established in 2003 and is the founding member of J Point Group.


J Point features high-quality technologies and offers a wide range of services, with wide-format printing on a variety of media at its core.


We can develop your idea or work directly on your project.


Regardless of the project’s complexity, a representative from our sales team will be available at every stage of your order.

Attention to

Regardless of the production scale, we strive for quality in the finished product.


Assembly, finishing, sewing services, design, and prepress preparation, as well as everything else necessary for the high-quality execution of your project.

Production, committed to environmental preservation

We produce with a focus on environmental preservation, using innovative technologies and processes that reduce carbon emissions and wastewater in the area.

Corporate social responsibility

Work, standardized for Quality

J Point Printing House is a part of J Point Group and operates according to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

Small business partner

Our company has been built with 20+ years of hard work and we know this road is challenging. Therefore, as part of our mission, it is to support small businesses on their way to success.

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